Saturday, July 6, 2019

AT&T can work magic, right?

I would like to speak out regarding AT&T. The other week, we had a tornado touch down in Miner, Missouri. Our phones was out, the power was out. There was a half-a-dozen or more come in here checking on my phone, which I really did appreciate it. But there wasnít anything wrong with the phones. It was that AT&T company, as big as they are, they could get up with some way to let you know there is something wrong with your phone. And thank you for letting me speak out.

Caller disagrees with findings

I would like to comment on the article in June 12 paper about black Missouri drivers are 91 percent more likely to be stopped. What a bunch of crap. Whoever Summer Balentine with the Associated Press is and the attorney general of the state of Missouri need to get out of their office and see what is going on. Congratulations to Mr. Williams for rebuttal on that article and Iím mad at the paper for even printing this article to start with.

You can be mad, but we canít print only items agree with. There are many different ways to look at the numbers and we tried to report both sides.

Where is lawn and garden stuff?

Yes, Iím sitting over here at JC Penney looking at Walmart. I donít see no kind of outside stuff. Last year their were two lanes full from the front about 50 feet back full of mulch and everything else. There ainít nothing over here. Guess Iíll go to Lowes then. Thanks.