Letter to the Editor

Letter: Congrats to Charleston

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to Charleston High School Blue Jays’ second place finish in the 2020 Missouri State High School Athletics Association Class 3 Boys State Basketball Championship held March 12-14 at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

As team hosts for the Missouri State High School Basketball Championships in Springfield, Missouri, we had the opportunity to spend time with the basketball players, coaches, cheerleaders and fans from Charleston, Missouri. These people were distinguished representatives of their community and you should be proud of the excellent impression they made while participating in the state basketball tournament.

Congratulations, again, to the town, high school, and most importantly, the “team”! We hope to see the Blue Jays back again for future show-me showdowns.

Kind regards,

Joe Tonkinson and Mike Roebke,

tournament team hosts