Letter to the Editor

Letter: New buildings should not be district’s focus

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

To the editor:

I am writing today about the upcoming school bond issue. My question is, why is the school system not operating just like any typical business in the U.S.? All successful businesses must budget for salaries, normal daily operation expenses, maintenance expenses, etc., as well as the replacement costs of the depreciating equipment and buildings.

Why are we as taxpayers asked to foot the bill again when the school does not budget for these replacement items? In some, if not all, cases, these “irreparable” structures could have lasted much longer if the money had been allocated to the proper maintenance and upgrades over the past years.

If the school tax increase is as has been stated, it will add an additional 11% to your “school tax.” Have you checked to see what it is going to add to your taxes? My “school tax” is already 80% of my total tax bill. Why would anyone say “YES” to more taxes? If you think you pay no, or very little, taxes please realize that they are being passed on to you through the increase of cost of goods such as rents, leases, purchases, etc.

I think it is very thoughtful of the school board and school district to defer the tax increase to 2021 considering the COVID-19 impact on our community. However, this is kind of like charging on your credit card and having to pay it later. You are still going to have to pay the increase.

The bond issue is not going to make the education of our children any better. We already have some of the BEST TEACHERS anywhere, but our children’s education is lacking in many cases because our school curriculum is federally mandated due to a small percentage of funding received from the federal government. This bond issue is all about keeping up with the surrounding schools’ physical properties when it should be about giving our children the best education possible.

Please do not get me wrong because I too want a good environment for my children and grandchildren in which to learn. I had a young cashier attempt to make change for me and had to call someone else to help. I asked why and the explanation was “I had common core math.” Yes, I know it is not called “common core” anymore but “only the name has been changed.”

We need to allow our great teachers to teach what is really needed to succeed in life. We then need to pay them more instead of building new buildings so our under educated can graduate from a prestigious facility only to struggle in life.

Larry Kellett

Concerned taxpayer