Letter to the Editor

Letter: Helping others impacted financially by COVID-19

Friday, September 18, 2020

Dear Editors:

The rodeo was taking a big chance with COVID-19! The invisible virus is non…discriminate. The rodeo is a monumental fundraiser. It was mentioned that the Kenny Rogers Children’s Center would have folded without the rodeo. Maybe there are too many not for profits in the area. The Jaycees and other clubs can only provide so much aid. Would it be possible to recalibrate how the funds are distributed, then follow the money?

Families are just about donated out with this pandemic on the prowl. My dear, old wife and I area on fixed income but donate a few dollars as we can. Maybe a couple dollars will buy a box of tissues to wipe away a tear.

We recently gave our local grocery store here in Oran $400, stipulating that if a hungry child came in, to give them a snack. That money went fast! Yes, there are hungry folks in Oran also.

But in Sikeston or Scott County, maybe some extra fundraisers year-round would alleviate some of the burden from the Jaycees and other clubs.

What about monthly raffles? Like raffle off dinners or firearms, bicycles, empty weed patches or gift cards.

Well… folks, I’m going to hush now. Speak to your neighbor. Everybody needs a friend sometimes. Thank you for yoor most valuable time.


Larry D. Coram

Oran, Missouri