Saturday, October 2, 2021

Mad at local bank

I wrote a check to a friend for $45. He called me up and said my bank charged him $3 to cash my check that I have over $40,000 in. I know that ainít a lot of money. The bank, I know I canít say the name, is on Main Street. Thereís a bunch of banks here on Main Street in Sikeston. I have an account there. Anytime anybody has an account and they write a check, they should not charge that person $3 to cash a check that I wrote to them. That is wrong and that is dirty. I didnít this was going on and itís been going on for a long time. I got on Facebook and was asking around and yes. Maybe thatís why they can drive new cars and have new $300,000 houses built. Thatís a shame. Charged him $3 to cash a $45 check and I have an account with them. I hope you put this Speakout and I hope they read it. Iím taking my money out and going to a different branch.

Be the solution

Get vaccinated and wear a mask. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Why pay for no service?

I want to know why we have to pay a cable bill when weíve got a phone and cable and the internet with them and it was cut off for 6 Ĺ hours. Why should we have to pay service if we canít even get a phone call out?

* * *

This is Saturday, the 25th of September and I was calling in about the one ďFrustrated with Spectrum.Ē I totally agree, 100% how bad they are. My TV has gone out several times. No cable, no nothing and today, a little after 11, said no data available on any channel. And yes, very true, our bill will not go down. But I will not pay for a service I do not receive. We need to stand firm with them and call them and let them know there is constant problems. Iíve had technicians out. They said the guide is horrible. They donít like the new one. They donít like the way Charter is, even though they work for them. We need to not pay what they charge and we need to stand firm on that. Yes I totally agree.

Masks should be worn in schools

Hello southeast Missouri. I havenít called in a while but itís a nice fall day. My topic is facemasks that we wear and when and why and all this other. Mine is that anywhere a mandate, or not, all schools are on public property should wear masks. All kids, all personnel, every one of them. Parents might disagree but you can do what you want with kids at your house. But at school, I want my child protected because of the neglect of the other parents that donít care I want my kids to be protected as well as the teacherís and other children. Iím for the mandate. Two weeks is nothing. We need to do it right now until Christmas break or whatever it is, then evaluate the numbers. But right now, I want our children protected. You donít like, good, thatís your problem. But this is just my opinion. Keep it safe. Letís think. Be smart. Thatís why your kids are in school, to be smart. Have a great day and God bless America.