Saturday, January 8, 2022

Donít do people that way

The young man in the newspaper that is facing charges is a high school student, heís not a grown up man. I feel his rights are being violated by throwing him out there like that. His rights were violated when he was younger as well. I wish some of this should be corrected or taken back. Itís not right to do people that way. He didnít hurt anybody and he didnít hurt anybody. Thatís ridiculous.

The individual may be high school student but he is seen as an adult by the judicial system and is facing a felony charge.

People falling for ridiculous mandates

It is amazing to see how otherwise reasonably intelligent people are falling for the ridiculous COVID mandates being dictated to them by our government. The mandates seem to change on an almost daily basis to fit whatever narrative is convenient at the time. The same people that isolate from family members on Christmas and other holidays because of a positive COVID test have not problem shopping, going to casinos, concerts, etc. It is time for sanity and common sense to prevail.