Saturday, January 15, 2022

How many dying of omicron?

How many people are actually dying of the Omicron virus? You hear a lot about the omicron virus and a lot of people are catching it, but how many people are actually dying from it. Wonder why this is not being told. Could it be left wing bias in the media?

The first death in the United States due to Omicron virus was a Texas man in his 50s reported on Dec. 22. We have not seen others linked to Omicron yet, however, they could be reported later. In South Africa, the likely origin of the Omicron variant, the 28-day average case fatality rate actually fell in the past six weeks from 8% to 0.2%, barely higher than for the flu, appearing that while spreading faster, the variant is appearing to be far less deadly at this point.

No kids need to die

I was just at a meeting and just found out over the weekend that superintendents of schools in small towns are scared at the state Republican governor took us off the state emergency, will stop the federal funds or the school funds if they put masking in place. They are saying they know they need masking and this is just small areas in southeast Missouri. I just want to say thatís a shame. No kids need to die. And it probably wonít take one kid to die for our Republican governor. He donít care. He doesnít care about us. The people that are enforcing that stuff are all going to be running for different offices. Itís a shame. COVID is running wild in Missouri and thatís around here in small towns. Up in St. Louis and Kansas City, all the other big cities in Missouri, theyíve gone wild. Canceling surgeries in St. Louis so they can have beds for COVID. Why do they need beds for COVID? Governor stopped the state emergency so letís do the surgery. Itís what we need.

Thank you, MoDOT essential workers

Thanks to all the essential workers employed by MoDOT. You continue to be a service to your state. Main Street and Malone Avenue must have been a priority in this recent storm. By the next morning, they were practically clear. Thank you.

Make abortion exceptions

Missouriís current abortion law makes no exceptions for incest and rape survivors. Any abortion law should make an exception for minor-aged girl survivors of rape and incest, especially 10-13 year olds. They are not emancipated adults. They are children. We adult citizens share the responsibility to protect these little elementary and middle school girls from enduring a pregnancy forced on them after they have already endured kidnapping, beating, torture, rape and/or incest. The rapist should be punished, not the innocent little girls. Being forced to endure a pregnancy from that kind of union is abominable. Rape and incest are lifelong, mentally crippling catastrophes in their lives. Many Missourians live in rural areas but we should acknowledge the crime problem in large cities like St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri. Governor Parson and Missouriís Congress should, need to and must pass legislation for the abortion exceptions of rape and incest for little 10-13 year old girls.