Solving our nation's entitlement crisis

Saturday, August 29, 2015

With countless problems facing this nation, sometimes we need to look to others in similar situations and see how they respond.

The fact is America is an exceptional nation with exceptional people. But, we don't hold a monopoly on all available ideas.

The latest idea to address one growing problem comes from the British.

Under a plan proposed by the Conservative wing of British government, jobless young people would be made to attend "boot camps" in order to receive government welfare benefits.

Those under 21 who are unemployed and on government benefits would participate in a three-week course to help them train and find employment.

Without attending the "boot camp" - no benefits.

In the camps, the young adults would learn job application and interview skills. And future benefits would depend on their attendance.

Conservative leaders pledge they are determined to end the welfare culture that is rampant in some segments of their society.

"We are absolutely committed to ending long-term youth unemployment and building a country for workers, where nobody is defined by birth and everyone can achieve their potential," the plan proponents pledged.

Now if this problem seems familiar, then you're paying attention.

In some segments of our society, youth unemployment is above 30 percent.

What would be wrong with mandating a training program for those most vulnerable and making accountability a part of that equation?

If the argument on immigration is that that population will take the jobs Americans won't, why not train Americans in the skills that are required?

Is it asking too much to mandate these "boot camps" in return for continued government benefits?

Our nation has an entitlement crisis that will eventually strangle our entire economy and put this nation in a spiral from which we cannot and will not recover.

Our only hope to is put this population to work and reduce our government dependency.

If we continue to provide ample disincentives to work - as we currently do - the cycle will never change.

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