Move on: Dems should focus on own platform

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Just for argument’s sake, let’s say a year from now, the Deep State culprits who sought to undermine the will of the people have been fully exposed.

And the illegal attempt to engineer a Deep State coup has led to the doorsteps of some very high-ranking government officials—current and former.

Under this scenario Trump, though brash and often ill-spoken, is fully exonerated from the Democrat-inspired charade.

So without Trump-bashing as their only platform theme, on what grounds do the Democrats mount a campaign?

Climate change?

Medicare for all?

Free college?

Open borders?


Abolish Ice?

None of the above?

Here’s the dirty little secret Democrats avoid like the plague.

None — not one — of their platform proposals has widespread support outside their perpetual victim community.

The Democrats’ only hope is continued resistance, combined with the tiring chorus of Trump’s impeachment.

The Dems are betting that more voters will reject Trump and forget the obvious flaws in the Democrat agenda.

The American people — the ones who work, pay taxes, respect the flag and embrace personal responsibility — know we tried a radical transformation just a very few years ago.

It failed. By any measure, it failed.

So lacking any plan to actually improve the lives of Americans, the Dems seek to control all aspects of life and diminish or destroy the America we all know and love.

No, the radical arm of the Democrat party now in control, must continue concocting imaginary acts to divert attention from their failed proposals.

In truth, they don’t expect voters to embrace their radical agenda. They simply seek to demonize President Trump as their election strategy.

Political observers know you veer to the extreme side of the political spectrum during a primary election and then return to the middle ground during the general election.

But the Dems have staked out such a radical big-government position that finding the middle ground may be impossible.

On every single issue that may frame this upcoming election, the Democratic position is far to the left of the mainstream.

But their platform matters little. What matters to the Dems is the continued assault of this administration with half-truths and flat out lies.

It’s an odd strategy and we doubt it’s a winning strategy.

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