Dems ignore how great the economy is doing

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

For as long as I can remember, the prevailing political axiom was that voters vote their pocketbooks.

Were that still the case, our incumbent President would walk to an easy reelection in numbers unseen for many years.

But this is not your Daddyís political climate. Or had you noticed?

By virtually any measure, the nationís economy is on a tear in record-setting fashion.

Unemployment is at historic lows, wages are rising and our trading partners are at long last being held accountable.

But to listen to the Democratic Presidential candidates and their adoring national media, you would not hear of this economic resurgence.

With economic news running counter to their doomsday narrative, the Democrats have decided to ignore the outstanding economic news and focus on collusion, obstruction and impeachment.

I strongly suspect this non-stop, negative drumbeat is growing tiresome.

But the more I think of it, perhaps this upcoming Presidential election is indeed about pocketbook issues.

But not in the way you would imagine.

For those tied to government dependency, they view as a threat any conservative movement to rein in entitlement spending.

So adding fuel to the fire, the Democrats offer free college, free medical care for all, reparations, income equality and more immigration to bolster their dependent base.

In short, the Democrats are fully focused on style because they fail miserably on the issue of substance.

There are two overriding themes to the 2020 elections: Unrealistic expectations and unintended consequences.

The Democrats pander to their base with empty promises that make for interesting soundbites but fall apart when applied.

When pressed on funding for their trillion-dollar schemes, the Democrats point their finger at some mysterious revenue source from the fat cats and corporate interests that have become the new boogymen.

The only problem with their argument is that the math doesnít work. Not even close.

Yet their unrealistic expectation is rarely examined.

But then comes the unintended consequences.

By implementing or even discussing a Green New Deal, government-run health care, free college for all and open borders, the Democrats want voters to relinquish all control over their lives to a central government.

The consequences to their absurd policy proposals would truly be the end of this country.

So given the polar opposite directions offered by the two major parties, why are so many Americans under the false impression that these radical proposals are in any way good for this country?

Because the national media are complicit in hiding the realities and dire consequences of these boneheaded ideas.

Itís the economy stupid. But the key is not the economy, itís the stupidity.

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