Major investigation seeks origin of collusion charge

Saturday, May 18, 2019

These are not the best of times. These are the worst of times.

Political partisanship has turned into political insanity unlike any in our nation’s history.

We live in the most polarized and hyper-partisan times and nothing short of the future of this country is at stake.

The best example of this disease comes in the form of the investigation into how the Russian collusion saga began.

We have lived through a two-year investigation into the charge that somehow the Russians and the Trump campaign coordinated efforts to undermine the 2016 Presidential election.

The final report on that lengthy investigation reveals that there was no collusion and that the Russians had zero impact on the election outcome.

So given that outcome, the Republicans now want to know just exactly how this entire probe began in the first place.

And to that end, a series of new investigations are underway to pinpoint how and when and who launched the collusion charge.

The outcome of these investigations could well indict some of the highest former government officials in a scheme to undo the Trump presidency.

But if you watch only the network news, you would not have a clue that this massive investigation is underway.

The networks have decided that this phase of the saga does not fit their narrative and they have collectively ignored this latest twist in the Trump tale.

That, my friends, is hard to imagine in a free society.

There is evidence beyond dispute that illegal acts were hatched to undermine this administration even before the election in 2016.

Some of the most prominent names in the espionage arena are clearly involved. And by any measure or definition, there was a coup planned to overturn the will of the people for partisan benefit.

Have you heard this on the network news? The answer is no.

And with every passing day, the scheme comes closer to the doorstep of one Barack Obama.

We should have known.

The sole obstacle to realizing the Obama dream of a socialist society was Donald J. Trump.

But the Obama lemmings never ever imagined that Trump would win that crucial election. A Trump victory would derail their plans.

Yet as the election drew closer, the panic increased.

Thus a plan was created to assure that their socialist dream would prevail.

The rest is history.

But now that the plan has unraveled, questions remain. And the answer to those questions will at long last shine a light on the illegal actions of many within our intelligence community.

All of this is troubling.

But more than that, the role of the network news and two major newspapers must come under the spotlight as well.

A free press is essential to a free society. But a biased press could spell the downfall of a free society.

I hope the truth prevails. I hope some names of prominence go to prison. And I hope that the network news honchos are held to public contempt for their efforts to undermine America for their own partisan interests.

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