Pope Francis brings wrong message to US

Saturday, September 26, 2015

We just got poped! That's right - Pope Francis, on his historic visit to the United States, took the occasion to lecture Americans on a variety of social and political issues that came straight out of the Obama playbook.

The Pontiff addressed Congress and warned of climate change, the need to provide more assistance for the poor and the responsibility of the United States to welcome any and all newcomers.

He somehow failed to mention that the United States is addressing the false narrative of climate change more than any other nation or that the United States has spent $25 trillion addressing the needs of the poor or that America is "welcoming" more newcomers than any nation in the world.

The Argentine-born Pope has a rich leftist background and his stern message to America was much more political than evangelical.

But we're all too familiar with his message. After all, we've been hearing that same message for seven years now.

There was nary a mention of the financial and military assistance this great nation has provided through the years. No word of the charitable spirit of America. Silence on the medical and technical advances possible only through the efforts of Americans.

Instead, we were treated to an anti-capitalist lecture on the lack of progress in countless areas.

The left - be it a pope or a president - finds solutions only in more spending on failed programs and a constant drumbeat on the need to fundamentally transform an American culture that has been the beacon for the world.

As the leader of the one billion Catholics in the world, the pope deserves ample respect. His message is driven by a biblical foundation that strives to lift the least among us.

Maybe his message was correct. Perhaps, however, he was addressing the wrong audience.

On the issue of climate change for example, Pope Francis probably knows no more about the science of our climate than the average man on the street. But the left is always searching for a problem so they can find a financial solution.

And before we are chided for the poverty that surrounds us, perhaps the pope might want to consider the massive social network programs available only here.

The Pontiff is a revered man of God and deserves the respect of the world.

But when he steps into the political arena on American soil, perhaps he could have used his visit to applaud America as the greatest nation in the history of mankind that is leading the world by example.

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