Opening our doors to let the terrorists in

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Another week, another glaring example of a clueless world view of the actual impact of open-door immigration displayed by the administration of a failed American president.

For the longest time, Americans have asked: "When will they learn." And the answer is clearly never.

This week it was Paris. But in the back of everyone's mind is the stark reality that tomorrow it could well be America.

This administration's tepid response to the rise of ISIS - known as ISIL in Obamaland - is the best illustration yet of a lost and frightened commander in chief who ignores reality and clings to the notion held by his father that America is to blame for the woes of the world.

That demented vision is at the core of our weak-kneed policies that embolden our enemies and put every American life in potential danger.

On the most basic level imaginable, if you cannot even name our enemy with any accuracy, how in the world can you possibly engage and defeat those who seek us harm?

And yet, in the wake of the rise of ISIS, this president and this administration forge ahead with an open borders approach for those who seek our demise.

This is not just absurdity. This is borderline treason.

The primary mission of a president is to protect Americans. And yet we have an administration hell-bent on undermining that core value at every turn.

Following the weekend massacre in Paris, at least two dozen states announced their refusal to accept any of the projected 10,000 Syrian "refugees" headed into America.

Others are likely to follow.

How many times must we be warned before this president can say the words fundamental Islamic terrorists?

How many Americans must die before this president understands and accepts his role as our commander in chief?

But laying all the blame at the feet of this president would be wrong. Aided and abetted by sycophants in the Democrat Party, we are a rudderless nation guided by an ideologue who neither understands nor appreciates the unique position of America.

There is both irony and shame that the Democratic candidates for president - literally just hours after the Paris attack - could not muster the courage to call the enemy by their name.

Far too many in Congress - including our own Claire McCaskill - are focused on next year's election and fail in their duty to act as a check and balance concerning the protection of the American people, our allies and our interests around the world.

There are none among us who long to commit troops to the fight and put young American warriors in harm's way.

But absent that leadership and the overpowering might of the American military, Boston could become Paris. Or St. Louis. Or any American interest in the world.

This president is fond of talking about "teachable moments" especially when it involves his favorite topics of race and diversity and inclusion.

Paris is a teachable moment, Mr. President.

Grow a pair and do your job!

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