Time to end GOP's puppy love for Trump

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Like many others, I consider Hillary Clinton a textbook example of all that is wrong in our current political circus.

Dishonest, arrogant and sadly absent any hint of trust.

But God forbid, if Donald Trump should be the GOP nominee, our choices come next November will be the worst in history.

Count me among those who expected Trump to stumble and fall long ago.

Count me among those who still believe that will happen.

Trump's appeal is his outspoken, blunt and woefully incorrect style and tone. He has used his fiery rhetoric to tap into the frustrations and fears of the American public.

In normal times, Trump would likely be a political oddity and an amusement in the campaign season.

But Trump's tone and approach has struck a chord with many because of the fervent desire to reverse an eight-year slide engineered by the current resident of the White House.

Beyond his inflammatory tone remains an empty suit devoid of substance and constantly embarrassing.

Surely the conservative slice of the political pie can break this puppy love with Trump and embrace someone who can do more than call names and play the town bully.

The bench is deep on the Republican side of the campaign. And for those who talk the talk of diversity, check out the tired and worn slate on the other side.

I side with those who believe Trump is sucking the air from the campaign and threatening what should be a lopsided year for the GOP.

And anyway you look at it, that does not bode well for the GOP or the nation.

I strongly believe most Americans favor dismantling Obamacare, controlling immigration and flexing the might of the American military against our enemies.

Trump has been effective in voicing those themes and controlling the debate.

But beyond the 30-second sound bites, Trump is short on specifics and apparently unwilling or unable to grasp the enormity of the details required to accomplish those goals.

We don't need a loud mouth, tone deaf, egocentric blowhard in the White House. We already have one.

What we need is someone who can give assurance that there is indeed light at the end of the Obama tunnel. Someone who can give us hope that future generations will enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that have made this country great. And someone who has a plan to address the forces of evil both from within our borders and across the globe.

I can understand Trump's appeal. But a campaign built on a "big beautiful wall" and the promise to "bomb the s**t" out of our enemies is a weak argument unless there are specifics that have yet to surface.

The possibility of Hillary Clinton as president holds little promise and less hope for America. Until conservatives unyoke their support from the Trump bandwagon, a Clinton presidency looks more possible every day.

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