Administration is fighting wrong war

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We are clearly a nation at war. Absent a legal declaration, we still find ourselves facing an enemy hell-bent on our destruction and more than willing to sacrifice their lives in their quest for domination.

Yet, though we have an undeclared war against ISIS, we have declared all-out war against the ravages of climate change.

In the climate change war, we have a specific game plan apparently with international support and are willing to devote whatever resources are required to win the battle.

Against ISIS, we have an evolving plan that is weak on objectives and clearly ineffective by any definition.

Against climate change, we are more than willing to name the enemy - fossil fuels.

Against ISIS, we shudder to mention their name in public and have yet to have our commander in chief call this enemy by its name.

Against climate change, this administration is willing to sacrifice the economy and drain the nation's financial resources to lower the average temperature by one degree over the next 50 years.

Against ISIS, the administration continues calls for reduced involvement and reduced spending.

Not one brave member of our nation's military awoke this morning with a passionate agenda to fight climate change.

And yet our commander in chief seeks to divert the greatest military in the world to battle against climate change while playing safe with ISIS whose mission is to eliminate every western value we all hold dear.

I put little stock in polling but you have to pay attention when every single poll shows Americans are much more concerned with ISIS than climate change.

But the left in their delusional quest for transformational change wants us to believe that our true enemy is the coal and oil industry. And they are more than willing to fudge the data to make their point.

With an enemy this powerful, perhaps we need to reinstitute the draft. Maybe we need to enlist a few million climate change warriors to monitor society and attack those actions that degrade our climate.

Instead of arming the military to fight ISIS or to control our porous southern border, maybe we need this new force to monitor light bulb usage and air-conditioner output.

Maybe we just need to convince ISIS of the dangers of climate change and engage their skills in this battle.

I'm certain given the scary prospects of catastrophic climate events that ISIS would likely join us in this global battle and forget their petty differences with western values.

If only they knew what we know...

Nancy Reagan once had this naive notion that a slogan - Say No To Drugs - was what was needed to end the long battle against drugs in this country.

This administration's costly plan to address climate change will have the same success as that slogan campaign.

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