My Christmas wish list has but one wish

Saturday, December 19, 2015

My original intent with today's column was to outline my Christmas wish list from our political class in Washington, D.C.

But I quickly abandoned that idea because - just like wishing for a pony as a child - I realized few if any of my wishes were realistic.

What's both frustrating and sad is that my wish list contains but one item. Yet even that scant request seems far out of reach given the current culture and drift of our federal government.

The age-old request of peace on earth seems remote this year. Prosperity is equally out of reach. Most Americans wouldn't recognize a "good tiding" if it slapped them in the face.

As I look in utter bewilderment at our "leaders" in Washington, D.C., I have come to the conclusion that you couldn't find three wise men in that swamp with all the stars in heaven.

So I've narrowed my list to one single item - common sense.

Nothing extraordinary, nothing unthinkable or out of reach - just plain old common sense to lead this nation into a future that looks increasingly dark.

Families will gather this week in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ though that simple fact will be lost on many of those gathered.

Gifts and food and the joy of the season will dominate our lives. And that of course is the goal.

Yet, lurking in the background of this joyous season is the stark reality that the America most of us once knew is slowly being eroded by the political class who are elected to represent our interests.

We collectively shake our heads in disgust as schools and government units opt out of Christmas celebrations for some generic seasonal greeting. We allow atheists to share the public square and share time with nativity scenes.

In our quest for the magical "political correctness," we have completely abandoned those sacred aspects that should mark this season.

If only common sense would return to our society, I firmly believe we would awaken from our current nightmare and restore those things that made this country great.

Given the current landscape and trajectory of this country, asking for that pony might be more realistic than common sense.

Ignore for this week the drift of America and focus on the amazing birth of Jesus that provides the basis for our societal foundation.

Merry Christmas - not seasons greetings. Merry Christmas - not political correctness.

Just plain Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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