Spud photos aren't just a half-baked idea

Saturday, January 30, 2016

There's no shortage of serious topics for newspaper columnists these days.

In far too many ways, the world we once knew is disappearing in front of our eyes. It's abundantly obvious that everything from ISIS to the dismal Obamacare are in the headlines and creating ample stress for weary Americans.

But one not-so-noticed story captured my attention this morning and I'm trying to gauge its significance.

In a word - potato.

Well, more specifically, a photograph of a potato.

Here's the story, if you haven't heard.

A really good photographer named Kevin Abosch normally captures celebrities and big business hotshots with his photo skills. His portraits range from $150,000 to a cool half million bucks.

But I assume in his spare time, the renowned photographer also has some odd fascination with potatoes.

Recently, Abosch sold one of his potato portraits for - wait for it - $1.8 million.

That's right. Spud photo for $1.8 million.

Seems there was some fancy-pant European businessman who had a glass or two of wine with the noted shutterbug when he spotted a charming potato pic. I can only assume the two had perhaps more than a single glass of wine because before the evening was complete, Fancy Pants shelled out $1.8 million for the spud shot.

To be fair, this was not just some ordinary potato. This was "Potato #345" to be exact. Kinda makes you wonder what happened to "Potatoes 1-344". But I digress.

Give Abosch credit. He sure knows his potatoes.

"I see commonalities between humans and potatoes that speak to our relationship as individuals within a collective species," opined Abosch.

That's doublespeak for, "I can't believe you just bought a potato picture for $1.8 million."

Well I too see commonalities between drunk rich European businessmen and foolish mistakes.

Today's world abounds with delusional fools who think they know how to run both the government and our lives. But apparently there are delusional fools who also pay a bundle for a portrait of a potato - even if it is "Potato #345".

For those of us who thought the European economy was in shambles, apparently there's still some loose change to throw around foolishly.

But rest assured, before the weekend is out, I will dust off my trusty camera and start to focus on "Broccoli #1". Interested buyers are welcome to visit for a bottle of wine and a private showing.

And in the scant chance it doesn't sell, I'll just add cheese and call it dinner!

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