Picking a candidate is political waiting game

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

With the presidential campaign clock ticking at break-neck speed, I find myself like many others still undecided.

Actually, undecided is inaccurate. I am clearly decided against either of the two Democratic wannabes because of the obvious - one is a liar and one a Socialist. Given a quick review of their policies, their views are interchangeable.

But it's the GOP field that has me befuddled. And judging from most conversations, I am not alone.

Those of us who have waited months for the Trump train to derail are still waiting. In normal times, the bombastic Trump would be little more than a sideshow in the serious world of presidential politics.

But the new normal has brought us both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Like countless others, I had a brief flirtation with Ted Cruz and Chris Christie. But that bromance quickly faded under the bright lights of the debates.

The youth and vitality that Marco Rubio has brought to the arena is refreshing. But to steal a phrase from our supreme leader, Rubio appears to be the JV team and the last thing we need now is a junior varsity player suiting up with the big boys.

Rand Paul is an odd sort and Carly seems uncomfortable on the big stage - though I confess to hoping she would have performed better.

Jeb Bush is George W's brother. Beyond that, he was an outstanding governor in Florida and is undoubtedly an honorable man.

Which inevitably brings us back to The Donald.

Trump provides more red meat than a hometown butcher. He says what millions of American feel though his delivery is mean-spirited and less than artful.

But after eight long years of the current administration, straight talk - even in the curious tone of Donald Trump - is somehow welcome.

We've endured eight miserable years of half-truths and hidden agendas. Eight miserable years of dictatorial rule. Eight years of unconstitutional mandates, racial division and class warfare promoted at the feet of a man who would be king.

Nothing short of this long nightmare could explain the rise of Donald Trump.

I have to make a confession and one that caught me by surprise.

I was forwarded a presidential poll this past week that would gauge your support for a candidate. It was no lightweight poll. In great detail, it explored your personal thoughts on every single aspect of this campaign and compared your views with those stated publicly by the candidates.

To my great surprise, I sided with Trump on 99 percent of the issues. Who would have thought?

To no surprise whatsoever, I sided with the Bern on only 16 percent of the issues.

Yes, I remain undecided. I'm waiting for a surprise, an indictment - anything that would change the dynamics of this campaign.

And my prediction is that something unforeseen will take place in the weeks ahead that will alter the race for one or both parties.

But then again, I predicted the Panthers would win.

So what do I know!

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