Trump's team could ease voters' concerns

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Like millions of other Americans, I remain less than enthralled over the prospect of Donald Trump being the GOP standard bearer come November.

Despite this reluctance and concern, I find no way to even consider a vote for more years of the Obama approach as promised by both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

So either I find some way to embrace Trump or I sit out what could be the most important election of my life.

Here's a potential move that the Trump camp could make to ease the minds of those reluctant masses.

He could start today by outlining the individuals who would make up the Trump team if he is elected.

Name names.

What would a Trump administration look like?

Who does he see as a potential running mate? Or Attorney General? Secretaries of State and Defense? And throw in a Supreme Court justice suggestion or two.

It's abundantly obvious at this point that Trump's childlike tantrums and incessant name calling will continue unabated throughout this campaign. He continues to climb in the polls - despite some improving performances by Ted Cruz - so why would he change his tone or demeanor?

It's not so much his ideas that bring concern to many of us. It's clearly his style or lack thereof that is troubling.

And though the Trump train barrels down the track, his ego and coarseness remain cringe-worthy.

I believe many of us would find relief and solace were the Donald to give us a glimpse into his future inner circle.

Unorthodox perhaps. But then again, I'm hard-pressed to find any political orthodoxy this year.

How about a return to the smooth diplomacy of Condoleezza Rice? Would Ben Carson or Chris Christie have a seat at the Trump table? Would Jeff Session or Ted Cruz fit into a future Supreme Court selection?

The GOP bench is deep and strong and qualified.

The power of the presidency is second to none. But as we have seen with Eric Holder, for example, members of the cabinet can be just as powerful and potentially harmful as the man in charge.

So for those of us still firmly balanced on the fence, it would do a world of good if Trump would begin to provide some insight into those trusted advisors who could help guide this nation from the eight-year nightmare we have endured.

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