Coddled students are missing life's lessons

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Like many of you, I'm getting sick and tired of whining college students bullying administrators when their sensitive feelings have been bruised.

The latest absurdity falls on Emory University where a group of coddled babies felt threatened because someone wrote "Trump 2016" in chalk on a school sidewalk.

The students felt sufficiently threatened that they dialed 911 and later marched to the President's office to protest the despicable chalk message.

In a normal world, this demonstration would be fodder for late night comics. But as we all know, the world is no longer normal and apparently free speech is limited to progressives only.

College students across the nation have taken to the most absurd levels their sensitive feelings. From demanding "safe spaces" where opposing views are prohibited to demanding mandatory classes on race relations, this new breed of college student is not shy on displaying their sensitive side.

But here's a twist.

I don't necessarily blame the students who seem to constantly feel disrespected. They're young, naive and lack the life skills to understand just how petty they are.

No, I blame the school administrators who lack the guts to tell these students to shut up, grow up and start studying for their education.

The start to most of this college campus rage started at our own University of Missouri. When a handful of minority students used an unverified isolated anecdote to demand changes on the campus, the administrators became cowards in fear of upheaval that would upset the school.

By accepting the student demands, the administrators added fuel to the fire and gave legitimacy to a "cause" built on lies.

That fiasco gave birth to other schools and other demands.

And now, a simple chalk message has created national headlines and, once again, the administration showed their massive lack of backbone.

Pitiful, just pitiful.

Here's how absurd it has become. The Student Government Association at Emory has pledged emergency funds to help those "in pain" because Trump's name was written in chalk.

In a minimal display of fortitude, the University President at Emory took to the chalk himself by writing "Emory Stands for Free Expression," in a half-hearted attempt to show the students that differing viewpoints were acceptable.

But the bruised egos and sensitivities of the students should have been met by a statement to the students urging them to attend classes and study and leave their immature "feelings" at the door.

Grow up kids. Drop your phony obsession with "social justice." And thank your parents for paying your tuition so you can make fools of yourselves.

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