Indictment unlikely for another Clinton

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Let's face it, many Republicans held out hope that the FBI investigation into the unique email server policy established by Hillary Clinton would result in an indictment and end her run for the White House.

Pundits and politicians alike have opined for months on the potential national security threat presented by the private email server put into place with little government knowledge and apparently, less security.

Yet, the weeks of investigation have turned into months. Today we find ourselves perhaps closer to a resolution but with much different opinions on where the massive investigation will lead.

Opinions are split obviously along party lines. Much of the discussion now centers on just why this seemingly cut-and-dried case remains in limbo.

Like countless other high-profile probes, this case boils down to intent and knowledge. Did Mrs. Clinton know - or should have known - that the server had the potential to be breeched? And were her actions designed for convenience or an attempt to hide some of the information from others?

It now appears the final report might be delayed until following the Democratic convention in July. That tells me the outcome will be an admonition for Clinton and others of a policy faux pas but will probably end there.

Most experts believe Mrs. Clinton's odd email server setup was a case of bad judgement but probably fell short of a criminal offense that could bring an indictment.

And to blunt the argument of a comparison with the charges against retired General David Petraeus, most experts point out that Petraeus knew the information he shared was indeed classified.

Mrs. Clinton's argument is that she was unaware that any information on her server was classified "at the time."

Prior to the email disclosure, many Republicans were certain that Mrs. Clinton's callous handling of the Benghazi deaths would be her Waterloo. But apparently Mrs. Clinton was right and her actions didn't make a difference.

Bill Clinton weighed in on the brouhaha this weekend and said the FBI investigation was just "a game." And who would know more about games than Bubba himself?

A slap on the wrist - which is likely - will not derail the Clinton White House bid. An indictment of a close aide will make headlines that's for sure, but again, it will not derail the Clinton White House bid.

And though the former First Lady is viewed as dishonest by a majority of Americans, once again the Clintons appear headed toward yet another "mistake in judgement" that will end in their favor.

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