Public's distrust grows over immigration

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What should we expect from our federal government?

It seems a valid question given the upcoming presidential election and the stark differences in the choices facing Americans this November.

At the top of the expectations' list should be the protection of the American people. The feds should also - we would hope - make decisions and tailor programs that benefit all Americans, not just a few selected special interests.

But looming over any discussion on the role of the federal government is the basic premise of honesty.

In short, we recognize that many decisions made at the federal level may fall short of expectations but what we want is for our elected leaders to be honest.

The public will accept failure. We won't accept lies.

On the issue of illegal immigration, this administration has consistently lied to the American people and for that alone, someone should be held accountable.

But for Donald Trump - like him or not - the issue of illegal immigration would be little more than a footnote in this presidential campaign.

It was The Donald who saw what most Americans recognized with the issue of unrestricted immigration in a currently hostile world.

His "big, beautiful wall" may never materialize but his concerns over our porous borders is a real issue with real consequences that could change the face of this nation.

The reason Trump's immigration concerns resonate with the public is that increasingly we have grown to distrust the immigration narrative spouted by President Obama and his minions.

A recent lengthy analysis by the Boston Globe underscores this lack of honesty and the source of Americans' concern.

Though the feds proudly tell us that the rate of illegal criminals repeating violent crimes is around 10 percent, this recent study pegs that number at over 30 percent.

A high court decision over a decade ago made it illegal to hold criminal immigrants in jail for over six months if they were not deported.

The feds have adopted a policy to conform with this court ruling and, as a result, thousands of illegal immigrant criminals have been released.

Of over 300 criminals released, the Boston Globe study found that over 30 percent committed additional violent crimes, often against the same victims that got them in hot water to begin with.

If the feds were honest with that statistic, more Americans would grow weary of our immigration policies or lack thereof.

This administration favors virtual unfettered immigration and apparently to promote their agenda, they lie to the American public.

Our current lack of an immigration backbone is a serious threat to this nation.

A dishonest administration led by a dishonest president is more sinister and a much greater threat.

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