Pay attention to what is behind the curtain

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

There's a pivotal scene in the "Wizard of Oz" when the "wizard" - far from a "wizard" in reality - is caught hiding behind a curtain and his real identity is about to be discovered.

The "wizard" warns Dorothy and her band of followers not to pay attention to what's going on behind the curtain. Of course, Dorothy ignores his warning and uncovers the truth.

Taking a page from the 1939 classic movie, the Obama administration is employing the very same tactic concerning the tragic ISIS-inspired slaughter in Orlando.

The president and his merry band of followers in the national media ignore an avalanche of evidence concerning the killer and once again, use the tragedy to advance their obsessive gun control agenda.

For a full week, this dismal administration has pointed the finger of blame at every aspect short of the truth.

And the icing on the Obama-inspired cake arrived in the form of "edited" transcripts of the killer's call to law enforcement released on Monday.

Despite law enforcement's acknowledgement that the killer told police of his ISIS leanings, the Obama Justice Department took it upon themselves to selectively edit those conversations to omit the ISIS reference.

Abandon for a moment your conservative or liberal leanings. Just ponder the implications that our federal government is intentionally attempting to change the tragic narrative of the killer.

This administration's misguided and warped sense of transparency defies explanation. And President Obama's steadfast refusal to face reality in the face of massive terrorists' threats is undermining our national security.

To acknowledge the truth that this killer had some level of indoctrination is not a blanket condemnation of Muslims. In fact, his highly isolated beliefs single him out as far different from the vast majority of our Muslim population.

But the highly-orchestrated "head in the sand" approach has become the battle plan of this administration with examples too abundant to mention.

As is so often the case, Obama and his ilk use yet another tragedy to divert the attention away from the curtain that hides the truth.

I do not for one minute believe this president is stupid or misinformed. Nor do I believe this president is hell-bent on the total destruction of the American way of life.

What I do believe is that this president has a unique view of American history that holds the United States guilty of major atrocities across the globe. And his sad and disappointing time at the helm has been spent apologizing and employing political correctness in a time when this nation sorely and desperately needs leadership.

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