Clinton's immigration plan is all about votes

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The somewhat less-than-Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton this week unveiled her latest campaign tactic which involves enlisting young illegal immigrants to mount a voter drive on her behalf.

The Clinton campaign is seeking thousands of young volunteers -- the undocumented Dreamers courted by the current President -- to get out the vote even though they themselves are prohibited from voting.

It's all part of a Democratic plan to increase immigration from Latin countries and assure a new army of Democratic voters for years to come.

The promise for these young illegals? An open-border policy on immigration with a halt in deportations and an expansion of immigration.

Despite the massive financial outlay of welcoming this horde of new arrivals and despite the documented crime and lack of assimilation, Mrs. Clinton clearly signals her sole concern is votes come Nov. 8.

Mrs. Clinton and her allies have little concern over the cultural changes they seek to usher into this nation. The flood of unskilled immigrants lacking language skills and dependent on government support poses no concern for the Democratic nominee.

Her goal is to attract voters first and foremost. And her plan is to demand the financial burden of her policies be placed on the backs of hard-working Americans.

By dangling the specter of deportation, she plays to the fears of Latino voters and further creates the polarization that is the trademark of the Democratic party.

The Clinton cartel knows in their hearts that Hillary Clinton cannot "win" this campaign. But they know that Donald Trump can lose this campaign.

Judged on her own merits and her highly-checkered history, Hillary Clinton is perhaps the worst candidate at the worst time in history.

So the election may well hinge on just how much mud she can attach to Trump. And a prime ingredient of the mud they sling is the fear-mongering they promote.

Hillary Clinton is dead wrong on most issues facing this nation. But that matters little if she can portray Trump in a worst light than her dismal past.

To create that fear, you drive wedges -- racial wedges by embracing Black Lives Matter, cultural wedges by adopting anti-Christian policies and economic wedges by placing all of our national woes on rich and middle class, white Americans who will be forced to pay the price for her progressive policies.

It's no surprise that the Clinton campaign has adopted these policies of fear. The truth is, that's about all she has going for her.

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