Itís time for compromise, unity and cooperation

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Itís far from a tidal wave, but Democrats are reluctantly arriving at the conclusion that Trump bashing is not working.

Perhaps Democrats are poll testing their anti-Trump messaging and recognizing that the constant barrage of criticism is wearing thin with the American public.

Granted the Presidential wannabes within the Democratic ranks continue non-stop. Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have staked out the far left side of the political spectrum and will continue their attacks until the bitter end.

But increasingly, the leftists are finding far less reception for their divisive messaging as voices within their party begin calling for a halt to the pity party.

Even the late-night liberals are awakening to the faltering narrative. And that marks a minor sea change in their nightly and highly-predictable bash fest.

All of this shifting political approach is just a test drive for the 2020 Presidential election. Democrats still remain optimistic on their chances of regaining control of the House come November. And even though those odds are far less than they once were, the goal is to find an anti-Trump message that works.

But the problem facing Democrats is abundantly obvious: Many of the Presidentís policies are working. Hard to argue against success.

The facts favor Republicans. Jobs are in fact growing, international tensions are diminishing, tax cuts are real, illegal immigration is being addressed, etc. By no means is that an all-inclusive list.

Regardless of the specific points, the Democratsí message remains the same ó they simply dislike Donald Trump and remain highly reluctant to accept election results that placed him in command.

Theyíve tried an array of labels from racist to crook to philanderer to colluder to obstructionist.

Despite the name calling, the nation keeps gaining steam, promoting business growth and at long last, assuring our allies and our foes that America is ready and willing to address those who would cause us harm.

The American public is slowly beginning to realize that the Democrats have no message other than to blame Trump. Their big government, highly regulated governing philosophy was tried with dismal results under the former administration.

And so the left pinned their hope on a special counsel that has proven disastrous. After a year and literally millions of documents later, the special counsel is turning into a witch hunt joke that is rapidly becoming little more than a punch line.

Itís an oversimplification to say the Democrats are grossly out of step with the majority of Americans. Yet the establishment media and their leftist handlers have backed themselves into a corner.

Itís past time for unity, compromise and cooperation.

And those politicians seeking your vote need to understand that partisanship and obstruction is not working.

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