Anti-Trump Dems need to recapture their party

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I am starting to seriously worry about my friends on the progressive left.

It’s abundantly clear, the Dems have adopted one unified message as their party policy and that message is anti-Trump today and forever.

Nothing more, nothing less.

With an arrogance that borders on insanity, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually mocked record employment figures released last week.

Now wrap your head around that statement for just a moment.

The leading voice of the Democratic party actually saw doom and gloom in a statistic that should garner universal support for our national direction on jobs. Yet instead, she is so partisan and so bitter that she attempts to turn good news into bad.

But that’s just the tip of the Democratic iceberg.

The Democrats could find nothing positive about the historic meeting with North Korea yet had it been their beloved Barack Obama who engineered an identical meeting, they would have nominated him for yet another Nobel Prize.

Today’s issue centers on immigrant children separated from their parents without any mention that the Obama administration had the very same policy.

The Inspector General’s long-awaited report is issued and the Democrats ignore massive volumes of wrongdoing and still cling to their tired allegations of collusion.

The First Lady is absent from the White House and the Democrats whisper that she is abused as the reason for her absence.

The Dems pinned their hopes on porn star Stormy Daniels, but that storm (pun intended) went nowhere fast.

And during the delicate negotiations with the North Koreans, the Dems were focused on gay rights, climate change and Obamacare.

Yes, indeed. There’s ample reason to wonder what has happened to the Democrats.

I am an advocate of partisanship. But not at the price of national unity.

Absent a positive message, the Dems are hellbent in their opposition to any policy or legislation that comes from the White House.

And truth be told, that anti-Trump battle plan is wearing thin.

Were it not for some Never Trumpers within the Republican ranks, our progress would be even greater.

Rest assured, all of this progress with not be lost on voters come November.

The empty negative message of the Democratic party is not the formula for success.

Instead it is a divisive tone that clearly undermines any form of unity.

The true American patriots within the Democratic party — and there are many — need to recapture their party because their current leadership is taking them rapidly down a rabbit hole of failure.

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