Remember to give thanks for our daily freedoms

Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Fourth of July is obviously a uniquely American holiday to celebrate the hard-fought freedoms that make our nation somewhat different than others.

Granted, other nations also enjoy freedoms, but none can compare to those we take for granted virtually every day.

Under the Obama administration, there was clearly an assault on our freedoms from those who sought to exert additional controls on our daily lives.

There was a concerted effort to diminish conservative voices to limit our freedom of speech. The federal government was hellbent on dictating additional controls that curtailed our freedoms.

Under the current administration, many of those threatened freedoms are being restored.

Yet even with these additional safeguards to our freedoms, the progressives remain adamant that big government should remain as the arbitrator of what is politically correct and what should be banned.

The ongoing political battle in this nation is not between political parties. The battle surrounds those freedoms we hold dear and the attempt by some to limit those opportunities and freedoms that make us special.

The progressives want to limit our freedom of choice on healthcare, for example. The progressives want to limit our free speech by controlling the internet, as yet another example.

The progressives want to limit our choice of where to live and what to eat and which associations are acceptable.

The problem, of course, is that the progressives want to establish the rules on all of these freedoms.

The retirement this week of a Supreme Court justice has the progressives in an uproar. In their minds, this new appointment — which will likely lean to the conservative side — is an assault on their freedoms.

But that’s because the progressives define freedom as elements controlled by the federal government.

We think otherwise.

Regardless of your political persuasion, take time this week between the picnics and fireworks to give thanks for the freedoms that are such a part of our daily lives.

And defend those who fight for our freedoms and remember those who fought and shed blood to safeguard those freedoms.

And have a safe and enjoyable Fourth.

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