Moderate-voiced Democrats needed in ‘summer of rage’

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

History will not likely portray this time in our nation as our finest hour.

We are indeed in the midst of an ideological civil war that threatens to undermine confidence in our federal government.

Having spent the last half of the 1960s on a college campus, I am familiar with protests. Changing attitudes and policies on civil rights and the strong and growing opposition to the war in Vietnam combined to incite countless protests across this country from coast to coast.

But these protests were organic in nature.

Today’s protests — pick your topic — are highly-organized and well-financed by progressive groups hellbent on upended the foundational beliefs and policies of our nation.

Truth is, it’s difficult to define the point of the protests because they range the gamut of left wing causes. At some point, their message — whatever that may be — gets lost in the noise.

If Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi are indeed the faces of the new Democratic party, their days are numbered.

One talking head described our time as the summer of rage. And given the political stakes that are in play, I suspect that description is accurate.

But as they say on the playground, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

One highly-respected pundit on the right said the issue that will define the outcome of the November elections has yet to come.

If that’s the case, then I suspect one of two events will shape that important election outcome.

Either the division over the Supreme Court appointment will erupt into political chaos or the long-awaited Mueller report will somehow implicate the President in some concocted scheme.

Either event — and both are somewhat likely — will shape the future of our country for years to come.

The left is willing to unravel the very fabric of this nation, to alter the culture, to bring financial ruin all in the name of power.

Open border advocates are insane. They are not compassionate and caring. They are simply insane.

Today’s obsession with immigration is just the latest in a long line of upheaval promoted by those who seek to undermine the will of the people and unseat a duly-elected President.

What is sorely missing from our current national dialogue are moderate voices from the Democratic party. Surely not every elected Democrat buys into this leftist movement to undo the progress gained.


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