It’s critical to vote in Tuesday’s election

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Tuesday is primary election day in Missouri.

There was once a time not too long ago when primary election day— at least for local candidates — was more important than the November general election because all local office holders were Democrats.

But times have changed somewhat, though the Democratic primary ballot is still where most of the action is come Tuesday.

Across Missouri, Proposition A is by far the most important issue on the ballot.

I have long been an advocate for Right to Work and have devoted countless hours in the past to promoting the importance of Right to Work.

But now I find myself in a somewhat awkward position. My son is a loyal union worker in St. Louis and an outspoken opponent of Right to Work.

I have heard his arguments, and for him and his co-workers, I can understand his position.

Yet, here in the Bootheel, we compete for jobs with Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas, all Right to Work states.

And there are examples of industry deciding to locate in one of those states as opposed to Missouri solely based on Right to Work.

Though I will vote yes in favor of Prop A, I believe the issue will be defeated. As I said in an earlier column, the opposition is well-organized and well-funded and in a close election, that makes all the difference.

On the local level, our focus is understandably on our home county of Scott and the races here.

Two county office races will be front and center on the Democratic primary ballot. Other races will wait for the general election ballot in November.

We support the reelection of Circuit Judge David Dolan. Judge Dolan has served this circuit with honor and integrity and is a highly-respected jurist. His experience on the bench is invaluable and his wise judgement should be enough to garner your support.

Presiding County Commissioner Jamie Burger, too, deserves your vote on Tuesday. Burger is a tireless advocate for our county, is a great steward of the county finances and is always available to listen to the concerns of county residents.

There is a three-man race on the Republican ballot for Presiding Commission, but we make no endorsement in that contest.

In November, voters will decide on the election of County Prosecuting Attorney. And even at this point, we strongly support the reelection of Prosecutor Paul Boyd, who we feel is among the best prosecutors in the state of Missouri.

Under normal circumstances, turnout on Tuesday would be fairly low. But the Right to Work Proposition will generate substantial votes and will bump that turnout.

Regardless of your preference, we urge everyone to vote on Tuesday. It may be the only chance you have to voice your opinion, and as a result, it is critical to vote.

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