National media aren’t enemies but are biased

Saturday, August 18, 2018

A couple hundred newspapers across the country joined in an organized assault on the President this week for labeling the media as “enemies of the people.”

President Trump is prone to call the left-leaning media “enemies of the people” for their biased, one-sided coverage of the Trump administration.

Let me be clear: The media are not “enemies” and the President should be much more careful with his characterizations.

Having said that, the President is right to call out some media members who have clearly adopted an approach of opposing any and all policies that stem from the White House.

The national media are not “enemies,” but they are in fact biased. Most of their coverage is clearly intended to criticize Trump and to promote progressive policies.

The left-leaning news hounds ignore positive accomplishments of this administration and put their entire focus on highly questionable coverage with the pure intent of removing this administration.

Trump is a combative leader unafraid to call out those who misrepresent the truth. He often takes the rhetoric too far and thus, the coordinated attack on his administration this week.

This President is not without flaws. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to gauge the coverage of the White House and to see the one-sided bias that is so evident.

If you were to watch Fox News and then turn to CNN, you would leave scratching your head wondering just how polar opposite the coverage truly is.

Lies are the enemy of the people. Intentional omission of news coverage is an enemy of the people.

And by any definition, many major news outlets consistently slant their coverage against this administration.

Like it or not, that is a fact.

Those whining media moguls who, more often than not, reside in the urban squalor of America, need to consider some honest reflection of their responsibility as journalists.

I believe, they believe their purpose is to a higher calling because they know more than we simple, unwashed people who support this administration.

Unwanted labels are the result of purposeful deceit. The labels may cross the line, but the underlying reality still exists.

There are far too many examples of this bias to detail.

But consider this.

There is no question a concerted and illegal effort was made by high-ranking officials within the FBI and the Department of Justice to undermine Trump’s campaign, and once elected, to undermine his Presidency.

If you watch only the alphabet networks or read only the urban press, you wouldn’t even know this subversive plot was hatched and committed.

A friend wouldn’t hide that news. Only an enemy.

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