Obama to blame for disruption in society

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

As hard as you may try, it’s impossible to escape the political rhetoric that so divides this nation.

It’s easy and understandable to blame the national media for this obsessive push against the Trump administration.

Facts are facts, and the overwhelming majority of the major media are clearly less than objective in their reporting of this administration.

Though the focus of this discontent is with Trump and company, the seeds for this upheaval fall directly on the shoulders of the former administration.

When Barack Obama was first elected President, it became clear very early that his intent was to reinvent America into his idealogical dream.

President Obama lectured almost daily on the ills of America, on the lack of fairness and the need for a nanny state to care for those who cannot or would not care for themselves.

Obama promoted a disastrous national health plan that failed on each and every promise.

Obama promoted social engineering and promised that the producers in our society would be forced to provide for the non-producers.

Obama promoted racial division with his non-stop message of prejudice.

And then came 2016 and the American public said enough is enough.

But the electorate continues to be divided and as unbelievable as it sounds, many decided to reject the election results and continue their push on the Obama agenda.

The fault does not lie at the feet of Donald Trump. No that fault belongs to Barack Obama.

Over a rocky eight-year span, Obama consistently and relentlessly bemoaned the inequities he saw in this nation. And when he failed to gain widespread support for his policies, he employed executive orders and additional regulations to achieve his socialist goals.

The media meanwhile ignores the massive improvements in the economy, and when forced to admit progress, opine that the improvements are the result of past policies adopted during the Obama years.

Obama’s open-borders policies have led to a powder keg of criminal, cultural and economic chaos but the media blames Trump for gaining control of our borders.

Obama’s billion dollars ransom to Iran has led to their continued threatens of nuclear war yet Trump gets blamed for his get-tough policies and sanctions.

Obama’s outright disdain for the “gun totin’, bible clingers” resulted in an election backlash that disrupted the liberal policies stuffed down our throats by none other than Barack Obama.

It’s high time we quit blaming President Trump for the countless issues that have disrupted our society.

Go back to the origins of this upheaval.

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