Liberals use McCain’s death to bash Trump

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Back in 2002, a memorial service for the late Sen. Paul Wellstone, a Wisconsin Democrat, turned into a political rally.

Wellstone, his wife and daughter, were killed in a plane crash just prior to his reelection bid. The Democratic Senator was a popular progressive who was gaining national attention and was contemplating a run for President.

But Democrats were roundly criticized for turning the memorial into a full-fledged political rally. And the backlash would cost them.

The memorial was so political that many Republicans issued calls for equal time on the television networks that covered the event.

Fast forward to this past week and tributes to the late Arizona Sen. John McCain are turning into an opportunity for liberals to bash President Trump.

Politicians and Hollywood elite have clearly abandoned all shame in using McCain’s death for political gain.

And it will cost them.

Many of the comments on McCain’s death cannot be repeated in a family newspaper. But many simply went far beyond the bounds of respect and decency.

Author Stephen King wrote “John McCain: American patriot, war hero. Donald Trump: Draft dodging weasel.”

Disgraced pseudo-comedian Kathy Griffin tried to get her share of the spotlight by praising McCain and criticizing Trump with her obligatory F-bomb directed toward the President.

Actor Ron Perlman — not to be outdone — warned the President, “You’re not good enough to utter John McCain’s name.”

And one British rag was absolutely apoplectic that Trump was playing golf within 17 hours of McCain’s death while pointedly reminding readers that Trump had not been invited to the funeral.

Trump hatred is so intense in the progressive circle that it has reached the point of shameless absurdity.

In the world of the progressive left, all roads lead to Trump bashing. The left has abandoned all sense of sanity in their myopic rush to undo the will of the American voters and the results of the 2016 election, which they still believe somehow was tainted.

Even fellow Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake used his waning days in office to praise McCain and bash Trump in the same breath.

You never hear a Democrat give any credit to the President for a booming economy. At long last after eight feckless years of the former administration, America is standing up to her enemies but the Democrats, as expected, remain silent.

There is absolutely nothing this President nor this administration could do to gain any credit from the growing progressive wing of the Democratic party.

The age-old question, “Have you no shame?”, has been answered.

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