Dems condemning Trump voters, not Kavanaugh

Saturday, September 22, 2018

We suffer from a national madness that threatens the very foundation of this once-great nation.

No example is more illustrative than the current insanity concerning the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

I once loved the political arena. Civil debate on differing views was a healthy process that long shaped our nation.

But somewhere along the way, the process was derailed. Truth gave way to partisan talking points that no longer revolved around facts.

The obsessive push for power and control has turned the Democratic party into a safe haven for the most radical elements of our society.

Were it not so very scary and threatening, the current national discussion on this confirmation process would be laughable.

But rest assured, this is no laughing matter.

The Democrats have openly stated they are willing “by any means necessary” to kill the Kavanaugh nomination.

And at long last, we now know what “any means necessary” truly means.

I find myself beyond disgust when watching the outright lies coming from the lips of the Democratic party. Their political efforts are such an obvious sham, calculated to stall or unwind this nomination.

The target is not Brett Kavanaugh. The target is really not Donald Trump. But more specifically — and this is what should hit home — the target are those among us who voted to change the direction of this nation from the Obama push toward socialism.

That’s what we need to understand.

The millions who voted for President Trump continue to be lumped into a characterization as backward, racist oafs unable to know what’s in our best interests.

When the Democrats use their hateful rhetoric and condemnation of our national direction, they are really pointing their hatred at us.

And that makes it personal.

As I have said repeatedly in the past, the election of President Trump is still rejected by the left. We the voters upset their march toward socialism and the Democrats have yet to accept that mandate.

We basket of deplorables or as Joe Biden so eloquently said, “the dregs of society,” are the true targets of this Democratic party hatred.

Just listen carefully when the Democrats launch their attacks. They are not condemning President Trump or his policies or even Brett Kavanaugh.

They are condemning you. And their condemnation is filled with hatred unparalleled in American history.

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