Our nation of laws and rules is in danger

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

An alarm is sounding in this country like never before in our history.

The alarm is an alert to a sea of change of social, political and economic upheaval that is just over the horizon.

All is not lost. But all is in danger.

We remain a nation of laws and of rules. But increasingly, we are seeing that both the laws and the rules don’t apply equally.

As of the writing of this column, we stand on the edge of the massive unraveling of a social structure and a rule of law that has guided our nation since inception.

But the news cycle is erupting at such break-neck speed, that words uttered today may be overturned tomorrow.

And quite honestly, as a society we are unable to process these rapidly changing developments.

So we rely on the national news media to navigate us through these perilous times. And by doing so, we fall victim to a false narrative that is abundantly incorrect and lacking in truth.

And that one aspect alone of a tainted and partisan media is what separates these dangerous times from past episodes.

It cannot be argued that there are forces within this country who are mounting a highly-organized and well-funded campaign to unravel the fabric of this nation.

These are not the thoughts of conspiracy theorists. These are facts.

This national cancer threatens our future and ultimately our lives.

This week’s reopened hearing on the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has little to do with Kavanaugh. It is singularly about pushing back against a duly-elected President and an overt attempt to usurp the will of the American public.

Brett Kavanaugh is simply a pawn in a much larger game. Though Kavanaugh is in the bullseye, there is a much larger target.

The target is not even President Trump.

The target is the direction of this country and the progressive attempt to install a socialist society which will remove the power from the people and place it in the hands of a select few.

Barack Obama ushered in an era of government control masked as some utopian movement to level the playing field of society. His scheme involved taking from the producers to aid the non-producers and achieving that goal through regulated manipulation of our foundational beliefs.

His government within a government remains both alive and well.

But if the downfall comes — and it well might — the blame will not lie with the forces from within our government who are actively working to overthrow this administration.

The downfall will come from our own willful ignorance.

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