McCaskill joins radical left, loses Missouri’s values

Saturday, October 6, 2018

As the eyes of the nation focus on the upcoming midterm elections, much of that intense focus falls on Missouri and the heated race between incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill and Attorney General Josh Hawley.

I quit believing polls following the debacle in 2016 for good reason. Two polls currently making the rounds show Hawley in the lead in one poll while another has the race a dead heat.

As I said two weeks ago, McCaskill’s vote against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may well be the deciding factor. One poll at least claims her vote will cost her the reelection.

I am highly disappointed in McCaskill’s preemptive vote against Kavanaugh. And more specifically, her vote does not reflect the sentiments of Missouri voters.

I have always said I have a fondness for McCaskill. She is a straight-speaking representative who won’t back down from a fight.

Her early support way back when for Barack Obama came as a shocker, but it also thrust her into the national spotlight.

She then predictably joined the Hillary Clinton bandwagon which came as no surprise.

But the crucial vote on Kavanaugh was different.

McCaskill joined the radical left of her wayward party and abandoned principle for partisan politics.

She cowered in the face of the resistance movement and put herself in the company of Chuck Shumer, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and a host of radical leftists.

Those political opportunists are not at all representative of the values held by Missourians.

My vote won’t be decided on whether or not the McCaskill family has benefited financially from her service in the Senate.

My vote won’t be decided on her private jet travel.

These issues to me are no more than routine political campaigning from her opponent.

But my vote will be decided — it already has been actually — on her vote against a man who has been subjected to the most vile attacks in American political history.

She won’t change her vote because the pressure from the left borders on criminal harassment.

When the time came for the Missouri Senator to stand up for the people of Missouri she represents, she fell victim to a radical element that threatens the very foundation of this country.

I still like Claire McCaskill. But she lost my vote.

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