Time for Republicans to fight fire with fire

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Why do Democrats resort to mob rule?

In the wake of the national disgrace following the confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice, that seems a legitimate question to ask.

Those gathering in protest, be it Ferguson, Planned Parenthood, immigration or a Supreme Court nominee, are not just exercising their First Amendment rights.

They are a mob using bully tactics and bordering on the verge of violence.

And on occasion, they cross that line.

One thing is certain. If left unchecked, all of society will crumble if mob rule prevails.

The loudest voice in the room is rarely the best path to travel.

Civil discourse has clearly evaporated. And the blame lies at the feet of the progressive, socialist movement funded by those intent on overthrowing our government.

We have to ask ourselves, what happens if this mob rule mentality continues?

At the core of this unrest is the election of Donald Trump as President.

Regardless of the event that sparks these protests, the ultimate goal is to unseat President Trump.

Yet I assure you, countless Americans were equally upset over the election of Barack Obama.

So what motivates Democrats to take to the streets in protests?

Money. And lots of it.

Is there a highly-financed and well organized shadow government that promotes uncivil protests always aided by a willing and partisan media?

You’re damned right there is.

Instead of a pathetic and embarrassing media focus on Stormy Daniels, how about equal attention and outrage at those financing these protests.

Instead of pondering words written in a high school yearbook, how about equal attention to the cozy relationship between Democrats and anarchists.

It’s high time the Republicans fight fire with fire.

Call these progressives by name. Call them out.

Forget the Democratic tactic of getting in your face.

Force the progressives to defend that which is indefensible. And by doing so, prove their delusional insanity.

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