Every vote counts: Please remember to vote Tuesday

Saturday, November 3, 2018
Michael Jensen

There was a time when newspaper political endorsements carried enormous weight.

Long before radio and television, not to mention today’s social media, readers often relied on the opinion of newspapers to help them navigate political election decisions.

And even though those endorsements lack the influence of the past, politicians still seek positive input from newspapers to advance their candidacy.

This newspaper has a long tradition of endorsing political candidates going back nearly a hundred years.

For the most part, we have shunned endorsing candidates for school boards or city councils because those positions are unpaid and we have long said we give credit to anyone willing to sacrifice their time and talents for the betterment of their community.

But paid officeholders, especially on the county level, are a different matter.

We feel an obligation to share our thoughts and opinions of those seeking public office on the county level whose decisions will impact the lives and often the pocketbooks of our readers.

This newspaper is based in Scott County and although we have readers in Mississippi and New Madrid counties, we will concentrate our opinions on our “home” elections.

In the race for Prosecuting Attorney, we support the reelection of Paul Boyd.

Boyd has the experience, the integrity and the determination that is so important for a Prosecutor.

His track record —for all to see — is admirable. His honesty is unquestioned. And his reasonable approach to this all-important office makes him an easy choice for reelection.

As with any county races, we have no disagreement with Amanda Oesch who is seeking this office on the Republican ticket. She, too, from all accounts, is a reasonable attorney of the highest character.

But this race, to us at least, boils down to experience. And we’ll cast our ballot for Paul Boyd to keep that experience working work for us.

In the race for Presiding Commissioner, incumbent Jamie Burger is an easy choice.

Burger’s reputation and steady hand guiding the County Commission is one of the strongest assets in our county.

We’ve been blessed in Scott County with a long line of outstanding Presiding Commissioners with few exceptions. And Jamie Burger is high on that list.

What really impresses us with Burger is his unending willingness to listen to any and all county residents who bring concerns or suggestions to the Commission.

His work is made easier by having two outstanding fellow Commissioners who together make a dedicated, well-informed and concerned team to our county.

Leadership is a unique ability to bring various opinions together to fashion a correct course of action.

Burger is just that leader and he deserves our vote come Tuesday.

Few races in our county are as important as the match-up for Associated Circuit Judge.

Incumbent Scott Horman is a respected jurist with ample experience who is truly a credit to this circuit.

A judge at any level requires patience and an even temper as well as a high respect for the law. Judge Horman checks all of those boxes.

It’s always virtually impossible to gauge the performance of a judge. But character and integrity and fairness must be part of the judicial equation.

By any measure, Judge Horman brings those qualities to the bench and he deserves reelection.

And, finally, Scott county voters will choose a Treasurer to help guide and monitor the financial position of the county.

Incumbent Glenda Enderle is seeking reelection and will face off against Joe Bill Davis, a newcomer to public office.

The truth is, there’s not the passionate interest in this office that there is in the others. That most certainly doesn’t mean this position is unimportant. But a Prosecutor or Judge or Presiding Commissioner is a more visible office from a public view.

Same can be said for a County Clerk or Collector, etc.

We find no fault with the past performance of Enderle but Davis has taken the time to visit our newspaper on several occasions to explain his financial philosophy and to provide the background that he believes makes him the better candidate.

Media folk appreciate when candidates, regardless of the office, spend time explaining their approach to office.

Joe Bill Davis has been a visible presence in this office and has been open about his experience in management that would lend itself well to this office.

For that reason alone, we’ll cast our vote for Davis.

Party affiliation on the county level no longer contains the importance it once did. And honestly, I’m not even certain it ever did.

The raw truth is that many Democrat party county officeholders in our region are actually conservative Republicans. They run under the party label not because they agree with Nancy Pelosi but rather our region has a long tradition of Democrats dominating county office.

I wish that practice alone would come to a halt.

We commend any and all seeking office to represent the people in this or any other county. They deserve credit for the time and sacrifice to offer their service.

Regardless if you agree or disagree with our choices, please remember to vote on Tuesday.

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