Election is over; Now itís time for ... Christmas?!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

How about that election?

Okay, thatís the last political word today because this column comes from the politic-free zone.

Letís talk Christmas. Granted, Iím coming late to this conversation since most retail stores started their Christmas decorations in October.

And thatís my problem.

Iím as much a Christmas guy as the next fella. But Iím not ready for Christmas carols before Halloween. Or even Thanksgiving.

I fully recognize that many stores depend heavily on Christmas sales. But somehow I am slightly troubled by Christmas displays and the accompanying holiday music two full months before that special day.

It doesnít jump start my holiday spirit. It just brings another layer of stress that we all know is part of the Christmas season.

Christmas ó the commercial side ó is for children. It is truly a magical time in the minds of youngsters.

As well it should be.

But as much as I was looking forward to an end to the nonstop political commercials on television, theyíve been replaced with nonstop Christmas commercials.

Granted, this is nothing new. The start of the traditional Christmas season has been slowly inching earlier for a number of years.

Iím not necessarily a bah humbug sort of person, but what happened to Thanksgiving?

I had a late aunt who traditionally did most of her Christmas shopping in the summer. Her argument was that she would beat the rush and reduce the stress of last-minute shopping.

As it is today, she would be a late bloomer to the shopping experience.

And though I promised to avoid politics, it is refreshing that the words Merry Christmas have been returned to the public square.

Happy Holidays, my tail!

I may well be alone in my concern for the Christmas timing. Maybe the joy of Christmas should expand for a couple of months. And if that helps merchants stay profitable, Iím fine with it.

But at this pace, weíre just a week or so away from Valentineís Day displays.

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