Take time to reflect on why you’re thankful

Saturday, November 17, 2018

I was watching a sitcom this week where one of the main characters was weighing an important decision.

To help him navigate the decision, he took pencil and paper and started a pros and cons list.

I thought it might be helpful to put together a similar list for Thanksgiving by listing those many things for which I am thankful.

My wife’s family has a Thanksgiving tradition of having each family member voice what they are thankful for prior to the holiday meal. It’s a neat tradition.

But as I, too, took pencil and paper today, I saw early on that the effort was futile.

My list — and I pray yours — is simply too long.

At my age, health is high on the list followed closely by family. Perhaps that order should be reversed.

I am thankful each day that I am surrounded by friends who care for my wellbeing as I do for theirs.

In a wider arc, I am thankful that I was born and live in a country where countless freedoms are available to all.

I am thankful for a small community that has afforded me more opportunities than I probably deserve.

I lost my father this year and Thursday will mark the first time in my life that he will be absent from this special holiday. But I am thankful that I know without a doubt where he is and that someday, I pray we will be reunited.

I am thankful for those who point out my mistakes, not to be hateful but to be helpful in improving me as a person.

As I look around our world today, I am thankful that the chaos and disunity that envelopes so many people is not a part of my world.

I am especially thankful for the small blessings in life that we all too often take for granted. If you take the time to look around, you, too, will find small blessings everywhere, everyday.

There is neither enough time nor space to fully list all of those items in life that deserve our thanks.

But take time this Thanksgiving to stop for just a moment and reflect on what makes you thankful.

You might be surprised at the result.

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