‘We have met the enemy, and he is us’

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Despite my New Year’s self-imposed ban on all things political, the truth is you can’t escape the chaos that masquerades as politics these days.

I honestly believe most Americans agree our concerns and problems don’t involve Russia or China or another other hotspot across the globe.

We are indeed our own worst enemy and our downfall — if it ever comes — will be from within as predicted long ago.

Let me repeat what I have said on countless occasions.

This massive chaos and political polarization did not start with Donald Trump. It started with Barack Obama and we may well pay the price for years, if not decades.

Trump was elected not for his grand speaking style nor his cool demeanor. He was elected because Americans were sick and tired and clearly rejected the vision that Obama had for this nation.

Those who embraced the Obama philosophies are now hellbent on overturning this administration at any cost in any manner possible.

Here’s why I am rapidly abandoning the national news accounts that track the minutia of politics.

Two of today’s headlines.

First, there is an extensive account on the length of the President’s necktie. Yep, you read that right. His practice of wearing a tie longer than most has been labeled sexist.

And the second account is a news tidbit concerning Google’s desire to abandon the word “family” because somehow in someone’s perverse imagination, that familiar word is homophobic.

Now granted, these two headlines don’t address the big topics of the day. And probably most people actually missed these two new developments.

But in a larger sense, they are but two examples of the wayward direction plaguing this country.

And I almost forgot this one.

The President invited the national college football champion Clemson team to the White House and provided a smorgasbord of food including McDonald’s hamburgers.

Because many on the Clemson team members were minorities, our liberal friends opined that providing fast food to minorities was somehow racist.

So welcome to the new world order where any action, any comment or any policy can automatically be branded as inappropriate to some small group of snowflakes.

You surely have heard it before but, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

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