Academy Awards is more about politics than films

Saturday, February 23, 2019

If you really want to completely waste three hours (or more) of your life, tune in tonight’s Academy Awards.

The Hollywood ego-fest has turned into a liberal sideshow promoting the progressive agenda and strong anti-conservative bias.

I well remember many, many years ago watching the Oscars with my parents. It was an opportunity to see some of your favorite movie stars garner top honors. My mother always marveled at the fashion show that was part of the parade of stars.

And it gave me a rare opportunity to stay up past bedtime.

But today’s Academy Awards is little more than a self-congratulating display that should be sponsored by the Democratic National Committee.

The emphasis in the eyes of Hollywood is no longer on cinematic excellence but rather diversity and progressive political commentary masked as an awards show.

Last year’s program featured an opening monologue that was solely conservative bashing. The prior year featured 15 anti-Trump “jokes” tailored for their elite audience.

This year’s awards got off to a rocky start when announced host Kevin Hart was ousted by the social justice warriors over gay jokes from years past.

So this year, no host (as if that makes a difference).

All eyes will be on the top honor of Best Movie. And when I say “all eyes,” I mean the isolated small audience that still gives a hoot about who takes home the hardware.

Black Panther, a comic book action adventure, is high on the list to assure the required diversity that Hollywood so avidly embraces.

The reality is that the Academy Awards has long lost its luster. It has become a political platform for the radical left and the viewership has fallen as a result.

I will readily admit, I am not a movie fan by any measure. My movies of choice are rarely part of the Hollywood agenda.

Yet millions of Americans still shell out cash to sit and enjoy the movie experience.

In a lot of ways, old Hollywood is a relic of the past. Competition in this new world of emerging technology is changing how we access entertainment.

Hollywood progressives will use this nationally-broadcast propaganda programming to spew their anti-Trump venom once again.

It won’t be funny; it won’t be entertaining and it most certainly will not be on my agenda for Sunday night.

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