Alas, media fixation on Ocasio-Cortez continues

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez first debuted on the national stage, she was an oddity winning an upset victory over a longtime Democratic incumbent in one of the smallest turnout elections in House history.

She quickly became the face of a new breed of Democrats with an array of radical ideas that, not too long ago, would have made her a laughingstock.

But anti-conservative hysteria among the leftist Democrats pushed Ocasio-Cortez into the national spotlight.

This past weekend she railed against capitalism as “irredeemable” and said America was “garbage” because of income inequality.

She famously was the architect of the Green New Deal which would reshape the nation with radical regulations, massive overspending and virtual total taxation to pay for her misguided and misinformed vision.

She is no longer an oddity. She is dangerous.

Like the once-darling Barack Obama, she offered a fresh new face for a party desperately trying to find footing in the era of Donald Trump.

Her sophomoric understanding of basic economics should be a non-starter. Yet she attracts a massive following from her clearly uninformed lemmings.

She recently reached way back to blame former President Ronald Reagan for creating racial division while ignoring the countless race baiters within her own party ranks.

In short, she has become Barack Obama without the intellect.

In an informed society, Ocasio-Cortez would fade away as quickly as she came under the spotlight.

But therein lies the problem.

We are either misinformed as a society or under-informed. The national media has orchestrated a concerted and organized propaganda machine to run interference for the progressive left.

And in doing so, they have put this nation on the brink of anarchy.

Ocasio-Cortez is an empty vessel protected from criticism by a willing national media. Her followers are superficial and her ideas unworkable.

And yet she is the natural result of a simplistic society that gives credibility to the latest shining object to gain media attention.

While America was founded on the concept of equal opportunities for all, Ocasio-Cortez advocates for equal outcomes for all.

She favors an ultra big government approach where all share equally in the bounties of this nation without regard to effort or sacrifice.

Ocasio-Cortez is a media creation crafted to appeal to an intellectually deficient population.

The rapidly dwindling moderates within the Democratic party are cowards to question her rantings and the national media defends the indefensible.

If the Democrats continue to follow the Ocasio-Cortez model into the 2020 election cycle, the result may well be the obituary for the Democratic party as we once knew it.

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