Some British workplaces consider handshake ban

Saturday, April 27, 2019

It’s coming to Britain but, rest assured, it could be coming here soon.

What’s coming is a total ban on workplace contact including handshakes.

In the current #MeToo era, sexual harassment in any form is being scrutinized and redefined virtually daily.

So to avoid negative publicity or legal action, some employers are considering a complete “black and white” policy on physical contact which would include banning handshakes.

While most of us would scoff at the idea that a handshake is somehow inappropriate, there are those few who feel that any and all contact can be construed as sexual harassment.

So some employers are opting for the safe plan and banning any form of physical contact.

Supporters of this new emerging social policy are adamant that patting someone on the back or giving a hug to console someone should always be forbidden.

And sadly, those voices are winning the day.

But keeping abreast with these new rules too can be confusing.

For example, these new social warriors acknowledge that patting someone on the back at a construction zone may be more acceptable than patting someone on the back in an office setting.

The new rules say it may, in some instances, be acceptable to exchange handshakes unless there are those who complain about the policy. In that case, all handshakes would be banned.

If you, like me, find these new progressive rules somewhat confusing, get ready for more.

I can not imagine a policy —regardless of how outlandish — that this new culture would accept until there is a total and complete ban on any contact whatsoever.

Let’s be clear.

There are actions and unwelcome contact that everyone would define as inappropriate. And those contacts should clearly be prohibited. The same goes for inappropriate language and a whole host of activities that would be universally deemed as wrong.

But a handshake?

If the goal is to arrive at a complete sterile society where any interaction can be construed as inappropriate, then shame on us.

If we allow this new breed of intellectual simpletons to rule society, we deserve what we get.

That doesn’t mean we have to go full-blown Joe Biden and sniff hair, mug kids and get into anyone’s face.

But common sense should tell everyone what is right and what is wrong.

And if your definition of sexual harassment includes a friendly handshake, peddle your policies in England and leave us the hell alone!

I’ll shake on that.

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